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If you have any questions for me or any news you think I should know, please email me at welcomingfitness@gmail.com

We want exercise to be accessible - so we offer local classes at very reasonable prices and we vary the level of intensity for our different groups, so you should be able to find something which suits you quite easily.  Our friendly, professional approach makes our classes enjoyable and we encourage the social side of exercise in the community by organising social events and supporting charity fund raisers.

We have qualifications which cover every aspect of health and fitness and which require you to pass written and practical assessments.  As members of fitpro, you can be sure we have undergone fully recognised professional training and we continue professional development with on line resources and training workshops for Exercise Professionals.

We value feedback as it helps us improve on what we offer.

All our classes are run in the local community and aim to offer as wide a variety of workouts as possible, so you can exercise gently or energetically, you can choose classes which involve a lot of mat work or none at all, you can even attend a chair-based workout if standing or doing floor work presents problems for you.  Please come and try a class if you haven't already and hopefully find that you can feel better about yourself, your confidence and your health and your fitness level.

Most people would never join a gym, partly because of the cost, but also because they don't want to watch themselves jumping up and down in the mirrors that tend to surround gyms and fitness studios.  Especially as you can find yourself providing spectator sport for everyone else who happens to be around. . . . .  There are no mirrors in any of the halls we use and that's part of the attraction for many clients.

The other huge advantage to running and attending local fitness classes is that they are very sociable and a great way to meet people from your own area or village at the same time as getting fit.  Why not give it a try yourself?

Everyone needs to feel good about themselves, so getting fitter and toning up has to be a good idea!  Remember that exercise is one of the best anti-depressants there is.