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Here are some quotes from ordinary people who’ve motivated themselves enough to attend classes on a regular basis: 

“I’ve just looked at myself in the full length mirror and, for the first time in my life, I no longer hate my legs.” 

"If I go to the gym, I never smile once - I really enjoy being in a class and you work just as hard if not harder than at the gym because you're more motivated."

"I used to wake up with a really stiff back every morning, but the Pilates has completely got rid of it!"

“I’ve found that since I’ve been doing the exercise classes, my tummy has finally reduced in size for the first time since I had my kids.” 

"I've lost the 2 stone I needed to lose thanks to doing 2 or 3 classes a week with you"

"Thank you so much for inspiring me during the sessions.  You make the classes a lot of fun and you are a great teacher."

"I've lost almost 3 stone this year thanks to the classes"

"You should try doing 2 or 3 classes a week - I lost over 2 stone with these workouts."

"Since I've been doing 2 classes a week, instead of just 1, I'm really finding a difference - it is much more than twice as effective."

“I’ve got to go shopping because my clothes are all getting too big for me!”

"Thank you for making the classes such fun!"

"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your class, you make every one so different and enjoyable."

"Thank you for asking about our wedding, I have attached a photo for you to see how you successfully helped me 'trim down'  for the event !!  many thanks"

and this from a lady who had just had a new knee: "nurses very surprised that they didn't have to keep lifting my legs into bed as I could do it myself with ease, ditto moving myself up and down bed (upper body strength they said ...) and physios also surprised that I could do straight leg lifts straight away - clearly my thigh muscles were very strong, they reckoned.  Told them all it was due to the wonderful Pilates sessions I had done........ do I get commission?  But seriously, 1) shows the effect of those classes and 2) obviously many thanks to you for getting me into shape." 

Remember that everyone who has achieved these results has done so through their own hard work and commitment - just get yourself along to a class and let the Instructor get your work-out going for you.