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  • FITNESS MIX + TONE - can be very vigorous, but take it at your own pace
  • EASYBEAT - Easy, slower-paced aerobic moves - with/without mat-work
    lots of Pilates based moves and steady CV workouts
  • CHAIR EXERCISES - See Chair Exercise Groups page


  • use proven techniques to deliver great results for your
  • fitness, toning and weight loss targets
  • put emphasis on working the major muscle groups
  • for great fat burn as well as building strength and stamina
  • increase the heart rate to boost the whole system and
  • make the metabolism work harder
  • for up to 24 hours after you finish the workout. 

And, at the same time, you can have fun, smile a lot, and make new friends in a very sociable atmosphere!

Easybeat is similar to Zumba Gold in many ways - it's a ‘feel-happy’ workout with easy to follow moves that allows participants to ‘dance’ and have a blast  - it's a lower intensity exercise that's fun with great rhythms to work out to.

Easybeat participants may not be able to keep up in a high-energy class, but are still young at heart. They like to dance and many are looking for a group to have fun and socialize with as well as exercise.They want to feel like they have exercised without feeling pain or getting hurt and may have medical issues or physical limitations, but regardless of age and ability, these individuals celebrate being alive and love life.

You can do Easybeat with Rhiannon on Thursday mornings at 11.15 in Mylor.
email welcomingfitness@gmail.com with any questions or to book yourself a place

Our Fitness Mix + Tone classes are based around an aerobic workout with easy to follow steps, then toning work concentrating on the major muscle groups to achieve the greatest impact on your fitness and weight loss goals.  Everyone is encouraged to work hard, but at their own level, so you can push yourself as much as possible, but also take it more gently when you need to.  We often use resistance bands or hand weights, and sometimes use mini Pilates exercise balls or foam rollers.

The Thursday morning Quick Fitness classes deliver an extremely vigorous workout lasting 45 minutes, including a quick warm up to start with and essential stretches at the end.  You can take this workout at your own pace too, so it suits most reasonable fitness levels - men and women welcome - come and give it a try and see how much fitter you can get with these workouts.

Every exercise has light, medium and intense options so every individual can take each element of the class at exactly their own pace.

Get your lifestyle right and use our classes and Welcoming Slimming Support to see fast results.  Look at the Testimonials Page for hard evidence.

Whatever your fitness level, you'll benefit from increasing your heart rate, working your muscles and enjoying a good set of stretches as part of the process - all in a friendly environment - local people in local venues

The atmosphere is always friendly, sociable and welcoming, the workout is enjoyable and effective.  Nobody tuts at you if you sometimes go the wrong way.  There are no mirrors and no scary lycra is allowed!!

We organise social events and many of our groups head off for a coffee straight after class - everyone is welcome.

We love feedback as it helps us improve our classes, so if you've enjoyed the classes, please tell your friends or if you haven't enjoyed it, please tell us, so we can try and do something about it!