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Born in Germany in 1880, as a child Joseph Pilates suffered from serious illnesses.  Because of his determination to rebuild his physique, he studied various approaches to health and fitness with notable success and left us his legacy of Pilates exercises.

Performing his exercises regularly can noticeably change your body to become fitter and stronger, with longer, leaner muscles helping create slenderness and flexibility.

The abdominal area will become firmer and flatter, your limbs will become more toned and your posture will improve.

Combining regular Pilates exercises with healthy eating will help define your waistline and firm your hips and thighs, reducing cellulite areas.  Pilates delivers a good calorie burn which will help you tone up all over and improve your health and well-being.

Your balance should also improve along with your co-ordination and posture.  Better posture brings its own benefits as it allows your vital organs to function optimally, not least by enabling you to breathe more easily and allowing your circulatory and digestive systems to operate more efficiently.

The stretches involved will make you more flexible and help you to de-stress and relax fully.

We teach a brand of Pilates called Fitness Pilates.

This approach takes the original exercises and principles and applies up to date research to improve and vary their use and effectiveness.  Joseph Pilates was a very progressive man - if he were still alive today, we're confident that he would be applying modern science to his principles, rather than still just using the exercises as they were nearly 50 years ago at the time of his death.

  • a full body workout
  • the options to work at your own level within each exercise
  • toning for all major muscle groups, with emphasis on your core
  • excellent balance work
  • fantastic calorie burn
  • huge improvement to tummy and pelvic floor muscles
  • fabulous stretches and time to relax to finish. 

The classes are designed to improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility, helping your whole body to cope better with daily life. 

You work on a mat throughout the class, in a variety of positions, but if you find any of the working positions unsuitable for you, then we can offer you adaptations and alternatives throughout the class.  If the floor is simply not accessible for you, then please try the Chair-Based Fitness + Pilates classes we offer - they are fun and sociable and people comment frequently about how helpful they are.

  • standing,
  • all fours,
  • sitting,
  • lying on your side,
  • lying on your front
  • lying on your back. 


You need to wear layers of clothing so that you can keep warm/cool as you need to.  The clothes must allow you to move easily, so tracksuit trousers/leggings work well, combined with t-shirts and jumpers/sweatshirts/hoodies.  Most people wear socks, but you can work barefoot or wear a light pair of shoes if you prefer.

Try an individual taster PILATES TECHNIQUE class with Rhiannon to find out what it's about and whether it will suit you - email  welcomingfitness@gmail.com  to try out some moves.

We run several a week which are aimed at Beginners - Intermediate participants, which are by their very nature fairly easygoing, but with options to work harder as and when you can during the exercises.

There are also Intermediate / Advanced classes each week.

As with all our classes though, we do offer less demanding options and we always ensure that you stretch really thoroughly and relax to finish.



We sometimes use equipment to intensify our Pilates workouts - some of our favourites are mini soft balls, resistance bands and handweights.. Come and give it a try. 

Our classes vary in intensity so you can choose the one to suit you best.  Within each class and within each set of exercises, you're given plenty of choice as to which level of intensity and which version of the exercise to use, so you can work at your own level throughout, without fear of injury.

Pilates helps you tone up and feel better about yourself

Our classes are relaxed and friendly and very sociable.  Our clients have commented many times on how helpful the exercises and stretches have been and also on how much they enjoy the atmosphere there. 

Rhiannon is qualified to teach Fitness Pilates, an updated and progressive version of the original Pilates exercise system which offers a wider variety of moves and stretches.  I attend Continuing Professional Development Workshops in Functional Fitness as applicable to Pilates and make full use of on-line professional resources to keep the classes fresh and interesting - you won't find yourself doing exactly the same set of exercises week in week out with me - and research shows clearly that any fitness/exercise/training needs variety or it loses effect.


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